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  1. Miss W. at |

    G’day Rajyashori,
    Thanks for being such a regular participant in this set of challenges. I enjoyed reading your posts, even though I didn’t comment on them all.

    Are there any ways you think I could improve the challenge as it has now been going in a similar format for 10 years? This though was the first year we had formal commenters. Was filling in the Google form each week a good idea and having the spreadsheet links on the sidebar of the challenge blog useful for you?

  2. Miss W at |

    G’day again Rajyashori,
    I notice you have registered as a student again for the upcoming challenge. As one of the older students who have taken part in two sets of challenges, I am personally inviting you to also be a commenter if you have the time.

    I have handed over the reins of the challenge to an Australian teacher who has lots of great ideas for improving the challenge. I will still be there in the background helping with the commenting, rather than writing posts.


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