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  1. Miss W. at |

    What a great post, Rajyashoril,
    I just Googled forms of democracy and was amazed at how many there are. Here is a link to the wikipedia article https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Types_of_democracy I wonder which form of democracy is most prevalent in the world?

  2. Wafi at |

    Do u like politics so much? :3 Wow! Me too. I am Wafi from Indonesia.
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  3. hmsnaho at |

    Hi Rajyashoril!
    Great post! This post is so passion-filled, and it was very interesting to read! I learned a lot reading this post, and politics are definitely very important. Do you consider the United States democracy working? Come check out my blog: http://hongwanjimissionschool.edublogs.org

    P.S. Sorry about the capital letters, for some reason all of the first letters of the word turns out to be capital. 🙁

  4. hmssarah at |

    Hi Rajyashoril,

    I really liked learning about the development of democracy. I think democracy is better than a Patriarchy. Thank you for sharing this with me. Come check out my blog at http://hmssarah.edublogs.org/

    Sarah <3


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